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Amazon FBA VA Intensive Training
(Total Course Worth 27,888)


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✅4 Bonus Courses - Ways to Sell on Amazon
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✅Bonus Module - Professional Portfolio  (Worth ₱4599 but get it for FREE)
✅Bonus Module - How to Ace the Interview (Worth ₱3599 but get it for FREE)
✅Introduction to Amazon (Worth ₱2999
✅Product Research (Worth 2599)
✅Product Sourcing and Negotiation (Worth 3999)
✅Product Listing (Worth 2499
✅Amazon Sponsored Products Guide (Worth 3599)

⭐FREE!! Resume and Online Portfolio Audit
⭐FREE!! SUPPORT: During and After Training 
⭐FREE!! Tips & Tricks on a Daily Life of an Amazon Virtual Assistant 
⭐FREE!! Sample Client Agreement Contract 
⭐FREE!! Resume & CV Templates 
⭐FREE!! Tutorial on how to create a landing Page 

⭐Mock Interview (per request via Calendly.com schedule)

⭐FUN and LIVE UPDATED Training for 2022

⭐LIVE Q&A during the training

⭐OFP Training Certification

⭐OFP Amazon FBA Champion Badge

⭐Walkthrough on Amazon Research Tools such as Helium10, Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, Keepa and much much more!

Walkthrough on the Most Important Tool, LIVE Amazon Seller Central Account

12-Month Access to the Exclusive OFP Learning Portal

⭐Dedicated Project Management Tool

⭐Become part of the OFPamilya

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  • Meet & Greet
  • Setting of Expectations - What To Expect In The 8 LIVE TRAINING Sessions.
  • Intro to Amazon
  • Brief History - Amazon Humble Beginnings
  • Amazon Glossary of Terms
  • Basic Tools Used for any Amazon Support
  • Different Ways to Sell on Amazon
  • Amazon Product Identification Codes
  • Amazon Product IDs (GTIN)
  • Is FNSKU Required and Why Is This Important?
  • What is Product SKU & How To Create One?
  • Private Label
  • Wholesale
  • Retail/Online Arbitrage
  • Understanding Amazon Buy Box Algorithm
  • Hypothetical Scenarios in Winning The BuyBox
  • What is Amazon Seller Central
  • What is Amazon Vendor Central
  • What is FBA [ Fulfillment by Amazon]
  • What is FBM [ Fulfillment by Merchant]
  • Types of Amazon Selling Plans
  • Amazon Seller Account Health Metric 
  • Amazon Best Seller Rank
  • Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Amazon Prime Membership
  • Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP) Program
  • B2B vs. B2C
  • Amazon Acronyms
  • Finding The Profitable Products
  • Guidelines On Product Research
  • 3 Products Trends Categories
  • The Best Product Categories
  • The Worst Product Categories
  • Gated Products Based On Amazon Tos
  • Amazon Support Task/Job Responsibilities
  • Managing Amazon Seller Central
  • Managing Amazon Account Metrics
  • Managing Customer Feedback/Rating
  • Shipping Options [Air, Ocean & Land]
  • Shipping Plan - INCOTERMS
  • What Is The Best Incoterms for Sellers.
  • What is a Freight Forwarder?
  • What is a 3PL Company?
  • How to Search for 3PL in the 48 Continental States in the US
  • What Is The Difference Between Courier & Carrier.
  • How To Respond To Customers/Buyers Messages
  • How To Create Canned Messages/Email Templates Inside Seller Central
  • Managing Feedback/Customer Reviews
  • How To Respond To A Positive Review
  • How To Respond To A Negative Review
  • Product Sourcing
  • Sourcing Techniques
  • Goals To Qualify Suppliers
  • 4 Steps To Identify The Best Quality Suppliers
  • Understanding Profit, Net Profit, Landed Cost
  • Use FBA Profit Calculator Tool
  • Use Of H10 Xray Tool Extension
  • How To Check Patent/Trademark
  • How To Create A Brand Name & Logo Using Canva
  • Understanding the Psychology of Colors For Brand Logo Creation
  • How To Add New Products
  • Optimize Product Content/Listing
  • Listing New Products; Patent/Trademark Check
  • Quality Listing
  • 7 Essential Amazon Images Types To Boost Conversions
  • How To Do Product Listing To Optimize The Sales
  • How To Do Parent/Child Listing Variations
  • How To Check uspto.gov For Trademark And Patent Registry
  • Tips How To Contact Amazon Seller Support
  • How To Process Refund [ Full Or Partial] Inside Seller Central
  • How To Create A Case Inside Seller Central
  • What To Do When Account Got Suspended
  • How To Print Labels For Shipping
  • Inventory Reports
  • Amazon Seller Central Tool Navigation
  • Amazon.com platform
  • Helium 10
  • Jungle Scout
  • Keepa
  • Amazon FBA Calculator
  • Viral Launch
  • A+ Enhance Marketing Content
  • Amazon Sponsored Products Guide
  • What is Amazon PPC & Is it Really Important To Spend?
  • Amazon SEO Terminologies
  • Types Of PPC [Pay-per-click] Campaigns Strategies
  • Define Amazon PPC
  • Understanding Amazon A10 Algorithm
  • How To Do Keyword Research
  • Tools Navigation
  • Helium 10 Cerebro - Reverse ASIN
  • Helium 10 Magnet2
  • Viral Launch Keyword Research Tool
  • Jungle Scout Keyword Scout
  • 3 Campaign Formats Available For Amazon PPC
  • Define & Understand ACOS, TACOS & ROAS
  • Strategies to Lower ACOS
  • How To Optimize Your PPC Campaigns
  • Product Targeting Methods
  • Broad Match Keywords Search
  • Phrase Match Keywords Search
  • Exact Match Keywords Search
  • Amazon Keywords Explained
  • What is Search Volume & Search Volume Trend
  • Understand the Difference Between Organic, Sponsored and Amazon Recommended Keywords
  • Check Top 10 Competitors High Converting Keywords
  • Keyword Tools Navigation: Cerebro, Magnet2, Keyword Tool Dominator, 
  • Learn How To Bid Successfully
  • Walk through on Advertising > Campaign Manager inside of Seller Central
  • How To Run A PPC Campaign Inside Seller Central.
  • Set up both Manual & Automatic Campaigns
  • Set up both Manual Broad and Exact PPC Campaigns
  • Identify Negative Keywords
  • How to Download | Read & Analyze PPC Report
  • Read and Analyze Sales Report inside of Amazon Seller Central
  • How To Manage Inventory
  • Learn & Set-up The Following Promotions:
    • Deals – Flash Deals/7-days/All Deals
    • Buy 1 Take 1
    • Percentage Off Promotion
    • Coupon
  • How To Launch A Product On Amazon
  • Intro To Automate Pricing
  • Tool Navigation Keepa - Checking Price History
  • Understanding Amazon Algorithm
  • How to Read PPC Report
    • Read and Analyze Sales Report inside of Amazon Seller Central
  • How To Make An Online Portfolio & Landing Pages
  • Comparison Between Soft & Hard Skills
  • Optimize Your Fb Page And Linkedin Professional Profile
  • Create A Professional CV Using Canva
  • Create A Cover Letter
  • Define Your Personal Brand
  • Guidelines On How To Create Your Elevator Pitch
  • 10 Steps To Create A Business Proposal To The Amazon Client
  • How To Ace The Interview
  • How To Showcase Your Professional Brand & Portfolio
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