Laptop or Personal Computer
In order for you to work remotely, you must have your own equipment. This is your main  equipment as a freelancer. What to look for in buying your personal equipment? 

Specs or Specifications:

  • At Least 8 GB RAM 
  • CPU: Intel Core i3 8th gen and above / i5 to i7 4th gen and up / AMD A Series A8 7500 and above / AMD Ryzen
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or above or Mac

Internet with minimum 10 MBPS
Since freelancing is online, you will need a wired and reliable internet provider. A backup internet is also necessary in case your primary ISP will have a down time. Having a reliable internet will make you a reliable Amazon VA.


Headset with an extended noise cancellation microphone
Being a freelancer does not necessarily mean you will be taking calls. Being an Amazon VA gives you the freedom to work off the phone. Unless you are part of the customer service team. If so, there may be occasional calls with customers but not 100%. But most of the tasks will be on the back end. Having a headset is not only for taking calls but for any communications with your client or the team. This is also important when you will attend interviews during applications.


Office Space
Working in a clutter free space will contribute to your peace of mind. You will be more productive and motivated to work. It does not necessarily mean a room; a corner or small space is good.

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